John Twigg Iceland March 2018


In search of the cosmic energy

John’s Seminar Day, Saturday 3 mars      09.30 – 17.30

Köllunarklettsvegi 1, 3h. 104 Reykjavík

Pre-registration is a must, either contact Martin   or just pre-pay Kr. 7,000

Bank details –   0111-26-267045 kt: 590599-3369.

In the morning

An instruction into John’s Cosmic Homeopathy, an individually developed method of dowsing, that is used to assess the energy of what a patient needs and connect that to the energy vibration of remedies and gem stones.

Remember to bring a pendal and nail clippings of a person, a patient or/and yourself, along with samples of some indicated remedies. Spare pendals will be available, if required.

In the afternoon

Two cases from John’s practice, which give clear pictures of two of the ‘Revolting Remedies’, aptly named Goldilocks and Cinderella.
There will be a topic where everybody can participate in, topics can be chosen from
a ‘Name the Remedy case’, a ‘Speculation case’ or a ‘Name the Aetiology’ case.

One topic is also possible on the use of Narayani remedies,  if there is interest in that sort of thing and there are other interesting little experiences (don’t we all have them), an epilepsy case cured in an hour , another case taken in 8 minutes, before the free clinic closed for the day.


The dowsing apparatus looks like this. The stick 110cm long is hard wood and naturally contains moisture which aids the dowsing process.

The nail clipping is in the bag.

dowsing set up

The dowser  holds the pendulum directly above the wood – in the position where it may follow the ‘electrical’ route along the wood. The pendulum should swing to and fro diagonally in a direction towards the centre of the wood. The pendal is picking up an electrical signal from the nail clipping sample and will continue along the rule towards the centre until the energy of the nail sample has traveled as far as it can – until it is exhausted of charge.

Once the practitioner has achieved this, the fun starts with observing the effects of various gem stones and remedies have on the energy path.